Advice for Legislators

Legislators exert remarkable influence over the lives of their constituents, especially doctors. Federal, State, and Municipal statutes and regulations impact physicians on a daily basis.

Most legislators remain unaware of the cumulative burdens they place upon doctors. For example, in Florida special statutes and regulations demand many hours of recurring State-mandated courses above-and-beyond usual medical training to address difficult social issues such as:

  • Domestic violence

  • Aids/HIV

  • Medical errors

  • Opioid abuse.

When confronted with a difficult social problem demanding a solution, well-meaning Florida legislators appear to default to let's make the doctors take a course.

In many cases, licensing and re-licensing can appear as a complex labyrinth of forms and certifications.

Most doctors find it necessary to hire attorneys to keep from running afoul of the law.

We at Doctor Lifeline recommend that lawmakers review the current legal and regulatory burdens carried by their constituents' physicians before placing additional demands upon them. We will provide reviews and commentary on proposed legislation upon request.